Incrediconvert - Incredimail conversion is made easy !

MailMigra offers IncrediConvert tool for converting Incredimail messages into Outlook platform. Incrediconvert tool is downloadable as incrediconvert.exe and run as a program to convert Incredimail messages format (.imm) to Outlook format (.pst).

Using IncrediConvert tool, users can eliminate few drawbacks of Incredimail -

  • Format Incompatibility - Incredimail supports IMM format to store its emails that is incompatible to any other email client. By using IncrediConvert tool users can make Incredimail messages format compatible to Outlook format.
  • Export Messages Option - The major drawback of Incredimail is that it has no option of "Export Messages" that almost all email clients have. So, by converting Incredimail to Outlook users can easily export messages to popular email clients & email formats.

MailMigra's IncrediConvert provides opportunity to its users to convert emails, attachments, header, email formatting of Incredimail to Outlook is an easiest way. IncrediConvert has 2 conversion options -

  1. Save as EML - Using this option users can convert Incredimail to EML files that are compatible to Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, Thunderbird etc.
  2. Save in Outlook - Using this option users can convert Incredimail to Outlook PST format.

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Strong Features of IncrediConvert Tool

  • Convert unfriendly Incredimail IMM files
    IncrediConvert supports to convert unfriendly IMM files into most popular email formats - EML & PST files.
  • Convert both configured & separately saved IMM
    IncrediConvert Tool can convert all kinds of IMM files whether they are configured or separately saved.
  • Auto locates Incredimail IMM Files
    IncrediConvert Tool supports to locate IMM files automatically.
  • Restores original Folder structure
    The program supports to restore original folder structure of you Incredimail emails in Outlook
  • Convert all parts of Incredimail emails
    During the process to convert Incredimail IMM files, the program supports to convert all elements of Incredimail messages like - emails, attachments, formatting, header etc.
  • Batch Conversion
    Using this tool, users can convert more than one or multiple IMM & IML files.
  • Convert Incredimail to all version of Outlook
    Convert Incredimail to Outlook 2010, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2000 etc.


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